breathtaking beauties rattery

when only the best will do

                                     ~my beautiful little sidekicks~

if marital status says single it means they wont have any litters. retired means they wont be having any more litters.




name leo .color siamese. coat type standard. ear type dumbo. eye color pink. marital status single .

name henry, color russian blue. markings self. ear type dumbo. coat type smooth.

picture coming soon


name Kirk Douglas. color white. markings self. eye color pink. coat type standard. eat type top ear.  marital status single. 


name warren beatty. color black. markings self. ear type dumbo.  marital status single .


name henry fonda. color black. coat type velveteen. ear type dumbo. markings baldie. eye color black.

picture coming soon!

johnny depp, color cinnamon, markings baldie, ear type dumbo, eye color black, coat type standard,




my english irish rats

name clark gable, color black, ear type dumbo, coat type satin. markings englsh irish.

name walter matthau. color agouti. markings english irish . ear type dumbo.  eye color black.

name anthony perkins,  age over 2 years old.color russian  blue, coat type standard. markings english irish. ear type standard. genetics  english irish, russian blue, blue. dumbo. notes  he has the cutest ears.  retired. number of litters 1.

name btbr fred astaire . color silver chocolate. coat  type satin. ear type top ear  marking english irish. info my brothers favorite rat.  marital status single.


my hooded rats

name julius caesar. color black. markings hooded, underspotted. coat type standard. ear type topear. litters 1. retired.

name paul newman.  age over 2 years old. color russian blue. markings hooded. coat type satin standard. ear type standard.  litters 2. retired. note over 2 years old and he is still like a 4 week old pup!

name chuck norris. age over 2 years old. color   markings hooded.coat hairless. ears dumbo. eyes black. marital status .  litters 1. retired. he is my moms rat.

name ruby jr. over 2 years old. color champange. coat rex. ears top ear. eyes pink, info has never lost his rex coat and he is over 2 years old  in the picture. marital status retired. litters 1. note named after his mother because none of the girls looked like her. he is a twin of his mom except for the markings she is a bareback. litters 1. retired.

name david carradine. color  beige. markings  hooded.  coat type satin .   marital status single.



name robert taylor. color black. coat type standard.  ear type dumbo. markings masked. eye color black. number of  litters 1.


name jesse james. age over 2 years old.  color beige. markings collared. coat type standared. marital status retired. litters 1.


name ringo starr. color cinnamon pearl. markings berkshire. ear type topear.

name robert redford. color fawn. markings berkshire. ear type topear.

name bruce lee, color black, markings berkshire, eye color black, coat type standard, ear type dumbo,

name, color chinchilla. markings blazed berkshire. coat standard. ear type topear.

picture coming soon.



name fredric march, color black  , markings blazed, coat type rex, eye color odd eye, two eye colors.ear type top ear, marital status single .


breathtaking beauties Jack lennon . color fawn, markings bareback, eyes dark ruby,ear type top ear, coat type standard. marital status single. notes he loves to get a bath, he even swims in the bathtub.