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i'm always looking for new  pet food brands to check out ,as i always want to have the best diet ever for my ratties. please give a review about your brand of food. like how much the rat likes it, its health effect etc. thank you!


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Harlan Teklad, a friend of mine who is pretty knowledgeable suggested it when I mentioned my rats were getting stinky. I get it bulk (actually cheaper than other products) so I didn't compare the nutritional content but forementioned friend said it had less fillers. When I mixed it in with the old Kaytee brand I was getting at Target they opted for the new and liked it right away. Definetly less stinky rats. As for health, not certain, our old rat in picture lived to be 3.5 and had Kaytee brand most of her life, our new rats are not quite 2 years old and they each have a tumor. =( The 3 have all had lots of treats healthy and otherwise.

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