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when only the best will do

RATS ARE LOVE!    last updated december 1st 2016 rats rock!!

i love rats!

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btbr rats with personalities!

improving  rats in every way! 


pets are family!

 about this rattery

 my rats are raised on unconditional love. all my  rats are tame and loved unconditionally.

i dont rehome my rats after they have had a litter.they stay here with me.i am not a breeder, i dont not sell  to pet shops , labs etc i only rehome to loving homes.  i dont make money off of the rats. i dont have litters to help with money spent to feed and take care of the rats.  its not a hobby and i dont do it for fun. i do it for the rats.   it all about my love for rats.   these rats are a part of our family . my rats  are very spoiled they know it and they like it that way. i never rehome any of my rats only some of their pups.




member of AFRMA 

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